Busting the myths about Bounty

By Megan Baker

For 34 years Bounty Bags have been presented to Australian Mums. Over the years Bounty has seen many changes and has always strived to move with best public health care practice in mind. The Bags have evolved over time following feedback from health professionals and families. We support BFHI and the importance of breastfeeding and understand the need to be consistent in the provision of general health messages. Our longstanding history is both a blessing and a curse as many misconceptions about Bounty and what the bags do and don't contain have developed over time.

There are some myths however we feel need to be addressed:

  • Myth 1. The bags contain formula Bounty has never sampled formula in its 34 year history, the information in the Bounty bags supports breastfeeding. All the information in the bags complies with WHO guidelines.
  • 2. The bags will jeopardise BFHI accreditation. The bags have been WHO compliant since 2008 - promoting and protecting breastfeeding. The information promotes exclusive breastfeeding as the normal way to feed a baby. We no longer accept advertising for bottles, teats and dummies as per WHO guidelines. Bounty works closely with the ABA and Lactation consultants.
  • 3. The hospital has no control over the samples and things are slipped in unannounced - Hospitals are informed in writing prior to the inclusion of a new sample and can accept or refuse individual samples or information items. The bags are sealed to prevent any unauthorised additions from outside control.
  • 4. Its just advertising! Research confirms that new mums are hungry for information. The Bounty Bags contain a mix of samples and educational information. Both federal and state governments used the bags as they provide an effective way to promote public health campaigns to over 240,000 new mothers annually. Government campaigns include the pregnancy helpline, new car seat laws, drowning prevention DVD and the City rail pram safety DVD. We often carry information from the Family Assistance Office and Centrelink.
  • 5. Subtle endorsement of the products by the hospital. The bags are clearly labelled Bounty Bags, there can be no doubt as to where they bags are sourced. Every bag carries a written disclaimer on the outside.
  • 6. Bounty Bags are not educational. The magazines and annuals provide articles and Q & A pages with regular expert contributors from Midwives, Lactation Consultants Paediatricians, and ABA counsellors.
  • 7. Hospitals have limited storage for non-essential stock – Bounty can be flexible with delivery arrangements. Stock can be sent weekly if necessary to overcome storage issues. Our Field Representatives monitor stock regularly.
  • 8. The hospital doesn't receive any benefit.Bounty contributes financially to the Maternity unit.

We are always keen to hear from health care professionals as to how we could improve our service so please let us know. For any enquiries or further information please contact Megan Baker on mbaker@bauer-media.com.au or call (02) 8116-9351.